Conference 2021

Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and participants.
Together we shared a tremendous wealth of information
it was a great experience!

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John Kempf

Balancing Plant Health, Microbial Life and ROI

Jill Clapperton

Rooting for Soil Health

Eric Miller

60" Corn and Cover Crops Increase ROI

Dr. David Johnson

Creating Fungal Environments to Build Soil Health

Odette Menard

Understanding How Water Moves Through Soil

Jason Mauck

Relay Cropping Wheat and Soybeans/Rotational Grazing

Speakers and Presentation Topics:

  • John Kempf – Healthy Plants Create Healthy Soil
  • Jill Clapperton – Rooting for Soil Health
  • Eric Miller – 60″ Corn and Cover Crops to Increase ROI
  • Frederic Thomas – Going Green and Understanding the Challenges That Make It Work!
  • Dwayne Beck – It’s Time To Do the Right Thing Instead of the Wrong Thing Better
  • Odette Menard – Understanding How Water Moves in Soil
  • Dr. David Johnson – Creating a Fungal Environment to Build Soil Health
  • Steve McQueen – Using Alternative Soil Nutrients
  • Jarrod Dijkema – Subsurface Irrigation
  • Mike Stangl – Live Microscopic Demo of Soil Food Web Players
  • Joel Williams – Leveraging Biology to Access Soil Nutrients
  • Jason Mauck – Relay Cropping Wheat & Soybeans/Rotational Grazing + Direct to Consumer Marketing
  • Ken Lawton – Interseeding Diverse Cover Crops Into Standing Corn
  • Greg Entinger – The Economics of Strip Till
  • Erin Silva – Planter Set-up, Roller Crimping
  • Greg Patterson – Tissue Testing and Reading the Results
  • Tim Boring – Developing New Ag Markets
  • Meghan Moran – Winter Canola Opportunities
  • Ian McDonald and Alex Barrie – Cutting Compaction Off At The Rims!


Dr. Peter Kotzeff chosen as

2021 Innovative Farmer of the Year

Every year, the Innovative Farmers of Ontario chooses a farmer who exemplifies great soil stewardship, progressive thinking, and the drive to explore ways to improve their farming practices. Dr. Peter Kotzeff fills the bill and has been awarded the Innovator of the Year Award for 2021.  Peter is a strong believer in the benefits and value that cover crops and grazing combined with other soil friendly practices bring to the retention and health of his farm, as well making sense economically…… read more

Tim Boring

Honourable mention 2021 Farmer of the Year

IFAO has decided to formally recognize the expansive value of learning from farmers beyond our borders, by adding an Innovative Farmer of the Year — Honourable Mention, for the first time being awarded to Tim Boring of Michigan.