What is IFAO?

We’re a grass-roots organization with a mission to support innovations in financial and environmental sustainability through connection and collaboration. Built over 30 years by innovative, and resourceful farmers to improve the sustainability of Ontario agriculture; our ability to build partnerships and collaborations, has frequently made difficult challenges surmountable.

What makes us different?

We are constantly learning and experimenting. We are the early adopters and we are happy to share our experiences with the industry.
We are not locked into one methodology in how we operate. Rather we watch with keen interest and curiosity at what farmers are doing around the world and work to adopt practices that show promise. We look at our farms as fields of opportunity for change, from the practices we adopt, to the equipment we use, inputs and the power of the biology in our soils.

What do you get as a sponsor of the Innovative Farmers?

  • You demonstrate your support of the evolution towards sustainable farming that recognizes the value and importance of environmental and financial sustainability in agriculture.

  • You show your support for leading edge innovation in agriculture.

  • You help bring innovative speakers from around the world to share their experiences.

Major Sponsor


  • Mark Richards, President
  • Rick Kootstra, Vice President
  • Mike Strang, Treasurer/Past President
  • Dave Gowan
  • Michael Groot
  • Dan Petker
  • Mike Verdonck
  • Tim Webster
  • Stefan Zehetner

ExOfficio Directors

  • Lori Phillips – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Jake Munroe – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
  • Andy Van Neikerk, Certified Crop Advisors
  • Jessica Van Zwol – Soil Conservation Authorities