Innovative Farmers 2017 Conference

Conference Proceedings

Steve Larocque Building Resilient Farm Systems

A leader in full control traffic farming and inter-seeding systems, Steve manages over 60,000 acres and shares what he's learned about how to build a farm system capable of handling floods, drought, cold heat, wind and other stresses.

Tom Sewell Moving from Sustainable to Regenerative

Tom's moved from a shallow cultivation "min-till" system to 100% low disturbance today. He uses a cross-slot drill, which he built himself.

Cameron Mills The Real Scoop on Cover Crops

After more than a decade using cover crops on his 3,500 acre no-till farm, Cameron has the experience to say what works and what doesn't. Learn about the aspects you must understand to ensure cover crops really make a difference.

Dr. Jeffrey Reuter Toxic Algae, Undrinkable Water and Dead Zones in Lake Erie

How excessive nutrient loading drives the major problems in Lake Erie, the role of ag in addressing this, the targets to solve the problems and new research that offers suggested action for farmers.

Dr. Christine Noronha Winning The War Against Wireworms

How to develop a strategy using several different lines of attack and why it works. Dr. Noronha will also share her invention of a simple trap that uses solar light to attract and trap the female click beetles that lay destructive wireworm larvae.

Zac Cahoon announced as 2017 Innovative Farmer of the Year

Zac was chosen for his practices in adding compost and building soil organic matter on his 1200 acre farm near Port Perry. ​ Read more here.